Conferring with our Clients to recognize what the issue(s) at hand are.

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Identifying potential cause(s) of loss with detailed investigative work completed as necessary.

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Recommendations provided to aid the business in the future prevention of losses.

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Helping Companies Translate Their Business Goals to Reality

RIP Method:


Businesses suffer losses basically in any/all of three ways:

  • Internally (ie., their employees)
  • Externally (ie., customers, vendors, etc.)
  • Operationally (ie., lack of policy/procedural adherence)

We are unique in that we can help any business Recognize the issue(s), Identify/Investigate who/what is causing the issue(s), including resolution, then providing Prevention recommendations for future implementation.

With Buchleitner Investigative Services, LLC, the facts are our business. We offer you 30 years of investigative experience in the private and public sector, which includes at the Federal Government level.


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